'top' command Analyzer

Parses Unix/Linux/solaris/AIX/HP-UX 'top' command output & generates an insightful report containing intuitive metrics,beautiful graphs,and recommendations to optimize server performance


Understand top command
Top command output contains several fields such as us%, sy%, ni%, Mem, Swap, VIRT, SHR,... All those fields are presented as brilliant graphs and easy to understand metrics.
Overlooked Metrics
Analyzes various overlooked metrics in the top command output. If their values are breached or goes beyond industry thresholds,(Warning/Danger) alerts are reported.
Optimize Performance
Several tips,tricks,and recommendations are given to optimize your server's performance based on analyzing the top command's output.
Helpful tips
Top command output contains various fields like task types(RUNNING, ZOMBIE, SLEEPING,...), task/nice priorities, CPU percentages(id, wa, st, hi, si,...). All those fields are aggregated and presented with helpful tutorials,video clips right next to them.
Visualize top command output through our brilliant graphs & metrics. Optimize Server performance through our recommendations.
Top command output report several metrics about server's performance such as User CPU time, System CPU time, nice CPU time, Idle CPU time, Waiting CPU time, Hardware Interrupt CPU time, Software Interrupt CPU time, stolen CPU time,Memory usage,Swap usage, load average, uptime,processes running on the server, their priorities, CPU/Memory consumption, and several more information. 'top command analyzer',parses all those fields and generates a highly insightful report with graphs,metrics and recommendations
top command analyzer Features

Share, troubleshoot, analyze top command output easily

Team Collaboration
You can copy and paste the top command analysis report URL in the email, support tickets. It makes it easy to collaborate over the report with other team members.
Thread wise CPU,Mem
'top-H-p {PID}' command reports CPU/Memory consumed by each thread within the process.It's useful for troubleshooting a particular process.Tool can analyze this output as well
top command arguments
Various arguments can be passed to top command,such as -b,-c,-d,-H,-I,-n,-p,-s,-S,-u,-U,-w.Tool is capable of parsing all argument output to generated one unified report.
All flavors of Unix
Top command output varies slightly based on the OS. We parse UNIX,Linux(Red-hat,Debian,Fedora,SUSE),AIX,HP-UX,Solaris & all other flavors top command output.
Root cause Analysis
Parent product yCrash captures 360-degree data such as GC Logs,thread dumps,heap dumps,top,netstat,iostat,disk usage,ps,...analyzes them and generates instant RCA report.
Parent product 'yCrash' provides one powerful dashboard, where all product problems analysis report can be viewed, searched(by date,host,app),compared,and studied.
How it works?

Simple steps to analyze 'top' command output

01. Capture
Issue 'top' command on your server.
02. Copy & Paste
Copy the 'top' command output and paste
it in the above-given form. Submit the form.
03. View Report
Top command output will be parsed, and
the analysis result will be generated instantly.