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Industry has seen cutting-edge Application Performance Monitoring tools (i.e., AppDynamics, NewRelic, Dynatrace) and infrastructure monitoring (i.e., Nagios, Ngmon) tools. These monitoring tools are great at answering the question: 'What is the problem?'. i.e., they will tell CPU spiked by x%, memory degraded by y%, and response time shot up by z seconds. But they don't answer the question: 'Why the problem happened?'. i.e., they don't answer: Why CPU spiked up? Why memory degraded? Why response time increased?

yCrash attempts to answer this question. It captures 360-degree artifacts from your technology stack such as Garbage collection logs, thread dumps, heap dumps, netstat, vmstat, kernel logs... analyzes them and instantly identifies the root cause of the problem.

Why yCrash?

Instant Root Cause Analysis

When a problem happens in production, SRE engineers capture thread dumps, heap dumps, Garbage collection logs, and other artifacts. These artifacts are given to developers/vendors to analyze the problem. Because of the complexity, they can take days/weeks to analyze the artifacts. yCrash analyzes these artifacts and identifies the root cause of the problem instantly.
  • RCA in seconds, dont have to wait for days/weeks
  • Not required to submit dumps to vendors
  • Not required to keep restarting app in production

Right artifacts @ Right time

Due to the heat of the moment, most SRE engineers restart the application without capturing the right data to debug the problem. Without the right data, debugging the production problem can be hard. yCrash captures below mentioned 360-degree data that too at the right moment:
  • Garbage Collection log
  • Thread dumps
  • Heap dump
  • netstat
  • vmstat
  • iostat
  • kernel logs
  • top
  • top -H
  • disk usage
  • ps
  • app logs
  • ping
  • kernel params
  • & more...

Historical View & Dashboard

yCrash dashboard provides a historical view of all production problems that happened in your enterprise. All problem analysis reports can be viewed, searched, and studied in one place. In the dashboard, you will find:
  • World-class root cause analysis report
  • Historical view of all problems
  • Compare metrics & graphs and Search reports by host, date, app,...

Your data @ Secure place

Heap dumps, thread dumps, GC logs tend to contain sensitive information such as: IP addresses, SSN, VAT, credit card numbers, code paths,... Operation engineers upload these dumps from production devices to FTP sites, SharePoint, wiki, Google drive... From this interim location, developers download it to their local machines. Thus, sensitive data gets distributed in so many locations. In yCrash, dumps are:
  • Securely (https) transmitted from the production host
  • Archived only in the yCrash server.
  • Users can see the analyzed results through web browsers
  • Engineers will not have access to the raw dumps.

How yCrash works?

yCrash agent should be installed on all the hosts where your application is running.

When the problem happens yCrash automatically captures various artifacts (GC logs, thread dumps, heap dump...) and transmits to yCrash server.

yCrash server analyzes all artifacts and generates RCA report instantly.


Zero troubleshooting time!

yCrash reports can be accessed only by SAML/SSO authenticated users. Raw dumps are stored in a secure place. No Users will get access to raw dumps. Sensitive information in the raw dumps are masked and presented in the report.
Negligible Overhead
yCrash agent is always dormant. It runs momentarily, only when the problem is reported. Unlike APM tools that run within the JVM, yCrash runs on the host. Thus, it adds very negligible overhead to the application.
Compare Reports
yCrash provides you the capability to compare KPIs of GC logs, thread dumps, heap dumps, netstat, disk usage ... between two different applications or between two releases or two different servers or two different time periods.
Platform agnostic
yCrash can monitor applications that run on traditional data centers or cloud platforms (like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, PCF....) or any containerized environment ( like Docker, Kubernetes,etc..). It is platform agnostic.
Integration with tools
yCrash provides out-of-box integration with several host monitoring tools, and Ticket tracking tools. It also offers a rich set of REST APIs, using which you can integrate with your home-grown tools and products.
Calendar view & Search
All incident analysis reports are presented in an easily accessible calendar dashboard format. yCrash analysis reports can be searched by hostnames, IP addresses, application names, date range, tags, releases. Search results can be exported in to CSV File.

Our Happy Customers


What do people praise about yCrash?

We are very excited and happy to have yCrash tool at our disposal. We cannot stop congratulating your team, really the support they have given us from the beginning, together with the excellent service, have led us to make a decision of buying the yCrash, that we consider to be the right one. Thank you.
Fabian Flores,
SRE Lead Engineer,
Valposystems, Chile
Looks like a very useful service monitoring tool for cloud & on-premises deployments. Solves complicated data gathering & reporting required for debugging production failures. Good one

Deva Balakrishnan
Lead Payments Architect,
London, UK
Hearty congratulations, team....there's one more jewel in your crown'!!

Murali Sripadam,
Techology Lead,
Wells Fargo

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