What is ycrash?

Why ycrash?

Instant root cause analysis

Operation engineers capture production artifacts (GC logs, thread dump, heap dump...) and gives to SME or vendors to troubleshoot. They can take their own time (several days, weeks) to get to the root cause of the problem. ycrash provides you instant root cause analysis.

Right artifacts @ right time

Due to the heat of the moment, most operations engineers restart the application without capturing all the right artifacts. Without data, the problem can't be diagnosed. ycrash captures the right artifacts at the right point in time.

Historical view & Dashboard

ycrash dashboard provides a historical view of all problems that happened in your production. All problem reports can be viewed, searched and studied in one place.

Circulating dump files

Because of its size, attaching & circulating heap dump, thread dump files in to the tickets or emails is cumbersome process. Using ycrash you can distribute analysis reports as hyperlinks in emails, tickets.

What do we analyze?

  • Heap Dump
  • Thread Dump
  • GC Log
  • netstat
  • vmstat
  • iostat
  • top
  • top -H
  • ps
  • disk usage

How it works?

1. ycrash agent is installed on all production hosts.

2. When the problem happens ycrash automatically captures various artifacts (GC logs, thread dumps, heap dump...) and transmits to ycrash server.

3. ycrash server analyzes all artifacts and generates RCA report instantly.

ycrash architecture

What are the key features?

Compliments APM

ycrash is not a replacement to APM (Application Performance Monitoring) tools. It compliments APM tools. APM tools tells that application's CPU spiked up by x%, memory consumption raised by y% and response time degraded by z seconds. For most problems, it doesn't answer the question why CPU spiked up? Why memory consumption increased? Why response time degraded. ycrash tool provides answer to these questions.

Negligible Overhead

ycrash agent runs only when it's triggered. At other times, it's dormant. Even when it runs, it runs on the host and not within the JVM. Thus it adds very negligible overhead to your application.

Compare Reports

You might want to compare performance characteristics of your application between two releases or two different servers running same release. Ycrash provides you this capability.

Deployment: On-prem or cloud

ycrash can deployed on-prem or in cloud. It's platform agnostic.

Integration with tools

ycrash provides APIs which integrates with host monitoring, performance monitoring and alerting tools.


You can search the analysis reports, across all your portfolio of applications, all your hosts in your environment.


yCrash facilitates to debug performance/availability problems in the application.

It's intelligence report identifies exact line of code that caused the problem.


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